Why Belly Fat Increases After Marriage

It sounds funny, but belly fat increases after marriage. If you’ve been around couples who’ve been married, you’ll agree that weight gain is a common concern for married people. Comfort could be the main reason why belly fat increases once people decide to settle down together. The lack of stress and laid-back attitude toward life can lead to weight gain, which also contributes to increased belly fat. But let’s dig in to find out why belly fat increases after marriage.

Research shows that over 21% of married men and women are more likely to be obese. Once people settle down together, it’s not uncommon to notice an overall weight gain over several months or years. You might be reading this article because you’re concerned about your weight gain after getting married. It’s also possible that you might be looking for an effective strategy to help you lose belly fat. Whatever reasons you have to be concerned about your health, here are 5 reasons why belly fat increases after marriage.

5 Reasons Belly Fat Increases After Marriage

1. Eating Out More Often

Newly married individuals are always looking for ways to enjoy themselves. Eating out is normally part of the program. Most assume that spending more time together is the best way to be there for their partners. During these social occasions, most people rarely care too much about what they eat. Since eating out eventually becomes a habit, it’s part of the reason why belly fat increases after marriage.

2. Happiness Galore

Getting married is a lifetime achievement for most people. After tying the knot, lovebirds will always want to take care of each other. For a moment, two people realize their happiness depends on their individual efforts. As a result, most will focus more on winning and dining during the early days of marriage. A couple will be more than willing to try out new recipes just to ensure they eat foods they love. Experimenting with new delicacies is the order of the day. What they fail to realize is weight gain is a compounding effect – it doesn’t happen overnight. Three months later, newlyweds will wonder how they suddenly gained weight.

3. Comfort Zone

We all know how the comfort zone can make us grow fat. When you’re in your comfort zone, even exercising is a challenge. We tend to procrastinate on the most important things that will add value to our lives. Married individuals often find themselves comfortable, living a relaxed life. This comfort leads to weight gain, ultimately increasing belly fat.

4. Pregnancy

For women, getting married means preparing themselves to bear children and see them grow into lovely creatures. If couples plan to have a baby right after marriage, this could lead to weight gain. After giving birth, women will want to get rid of belly fat and get back their curvy looks. While this might seem difficult, it’s not impossible. To lose belly fat after pregnancy, you need to focus on eating clean and exercising regularly. With time, your body will adjust, and you’ll lose weight, allowing you to get a flat tummy.

5. Honeymoon at Home

Before people get married, they may spend most of their time outside. However, after tying the knot, they may prefer to spend time with each other. Spending more time indoors could potentially lead to weight gain.

Why Belly Fat Increases After Marriage – Tips to Avoid This

To ensure you don’t struggle with belly fat after marriage, the following tips will help you:

  • Adopt a healthy routine
  • Steer clear of processed foods
  • Continue working out
  • Stock your fridge with healthy foods
  • Plan physical activities to do as a couple
  • Motivate each other to exercise
  • Avoid refined carbs
  • Eat mindfully

Why Belly Fat Increases After Marriage – Summary

Belly fat increases after marriage, probably because newlyweds are often too comfortable. It could also be that individuals fail to prioritize their health. The sedentary lifestyles lovers adopt as they live together also contribute to weight gain, ultimately leading to increased belly fat. 


How do you reduce belly fat after marriage?

Belly fat can be reduced by engaging in regular physical exercises. Eating healthy foods that promote satiety can also help to promote a successful weight loss campaign.

Why does a man gain weight after getting married?

As couples get comfortable, weight gain is a common issue that they experience. Men may also gain weight because of the unhealthy food choices they make.

How can you avoid gaining weight after marriage?

Adopting a healthy lifestyle together is the best way to avoid gaining weight after marriage. This means eating healthily and encouraging each other to exercise regularly.

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