Weight Loss Journey: All About the Ups and Downs

Your weight loss journey is a path to fulfillment that allows you to take charge of your health goals and improve the quality of your life. Losing weight is a challenge. However, it’s a rewarding experience once you achieve your set goals. In this post, we will cover the ups and downs of weight loss. We will answer some of the main concerns you may have about losing weight, whether it’s worth it or not, and how you can stay motivated to the end of the journey.

We’ve often heard that “Where there is a will, there’s a way.” Well, you might be reading this article because you’re more than willing to lose weight. But it’s my guess that you’ve tried several times to lose weight, but you can’t seem to build and maintain the discipline and consistency required to lose weight successfully. So, what do you do when your motivation waxes and wanes? Should you give up because your health goal seems so elusive? Should you throw in the towel because your goal is more demanding than you thought?

Oftentimes, we find ourselves overthinking our weight loss journey. We allow negative thoughts to override the good “will” and intentions we once had when we were starting out. To be sure we’re on the same page, let’s look at what day 1 of your weight loss journey looks like.

Weight Loss Journey Day 1

The first day of your weight loss journey is usually quite inspiring. By the time you get to this point, you’ve read all the fine scripts, and you’re more than ready to burn belly fat or other excess fat in your body. Day 1 of your weight loss journey is when your “aha!” moment kicks in. You wake up one day and realize this is not the person you wish to become. For a moment, you beat yourself, wondering what you’ve been doing all this while. 

Your next strategy is to figure out how you can change your habits overnight. We all do, right? We want to lose weight in 30 days. Setting goals to lose weight in a year or two seems far-fetched. Therefore, millions will think about losing 20 pounds in 7 days. Is this possible? No! Losing weight takes time, and I think that’s where we lose track. We’re impatient for good things to happen. We rarely want to take the long, sustainable path to lose weight effectively. That’s why 50% of Americans who diet opt for fad diets – the quick fixes that promise us to lose weight in days or weeks.

Your day 1 of your weight loss journey will probably feature looking yourself in the mirror and asking yourself tough rhetorical questions. How the F** did I get here? What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just commit myself to lose weight? You’ll wonder! We often overlook the relevance of mental health as an integral aspect of losing weight in the long run.

Most people think that losing weight is more physical than mental. But if you think about it closely, the challenge of losing weight starts in your mind. It begins with the tough decisions you make.

Deciding to Start Over

Weight loss day 1 occurs the moment you decide that you must change. This means changing your eating habits and adopting a more active lifestyle. Your decisions will point you in the right direction to achieve your weight loss goal. But, to accomplish your mission, you MUST take action.

Here are tips that should help you get started on your weight loss journey:

Tips to Start Your First 30 Days of Weight Loss Journey

Start Where You Are

You must start somewhere. Waiting for the right or suitable time to start your weight loss journey is a sure strategy that will lead you to fail. Don’t wait until next week to hit the gym. You can start now by making the small lifestyle changes that will bring you a step closer to your health goal. For instance, instead of using the lift to your office, just take the stairs. Throw away the bag of chips you bought because you thought to yourself that you don’t have time to prepare a meal.

Getting started is the first step that will ensure you achieve the sexy body you want a year from now. What would the future YOU say to you if only you could just start? Of course, they would be thankful that you never hesitated to start your weight loss journey. 

We all know it’s an apple a day that keeps the doctor away. We’ve not been told that we should eat two apples. NO! Just an apple a day, and you’ll be on your way to losing weight. So, do what you can today, tomorrow, next week, next month, and for the rest of the year. It all starts with a simple step in the right direction.

Martin Luther King Jr. once asserted, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

For Change To Happen, You Must Change

Change begins with you. Jim Rohn made it clear that “For things to change, you must change.” Your health depends on you. No one else but you can make the decisions. You must take full responsibility for your health because you’re the master of your own ship. It’s up to you to decide whether you’ll put up with the same kind of life of change for the better.

Don’t give up on yourself. Of course, there are days when you’ll feel like giving up. These are part of the weight loss journey. Challenges will be there, that’s a guarantee. What matters most is how you circumvent these challenges and still move in the right direction.

So, make it a point every day to remind yourself why you started. Think about the health benefits you stand to achieve by the end of the process. Meditate and savor the positive thoughts that will fuel you to keep going no matter what.

Be Creative

The first few days or weeks of your weight loss journey won’t be exciting. Your body will be going through a major transformation. The same thing goes for your mind. You’ll start developing new habits you were not used to before. Change is not easy. You’ll be uncomfortable because you’ll be pushing yourself to do things that your mind doesn’t want you to do. For instance, you may have to wake up early, even on weekends, to work out. You’ll probably throw away unhealthy foods and create space for healthier options. All these changes aren’t desirable, but you must get comfortable being uncomfortable. Arguably, this is where the transformation happens.

Be creative with your workouts and meal plans. The goal here is to trick your mind into realizing that you’re doing something rewarding. Try some new foods you’ve never tasted before. Take swimming lessons or ride a bike. Engage in exciting physical activities like hiking, walking, and jogging with your friends. Your weight loss journey doesn’t have to start in the gym. There are many ways to keep your body fit without lifting weights.

Reframe Your Mindset

Since you’ve tried to lose weight before and failed, you can attest that the mind can be your greatest enemy. We all have good plans for the evening, but the mind seems to have its own plans. You set the alarm clock to wake up early and exercise, but the mind will talk you out of it. You’ll convince yourself that you’ll find time to exercise during the day. The mind will come up with excuses just to protect you from doing the uncomfortable. 

Some of the lies your mind will tell you include:

  • I need comfort
  • I can do it later
  • I don’t feel like it
  • I’m tired
  • I can’t do it
  • I’m afraid
  • Tomorrow is a good day to start

We’ve all heard this inner talk with our minds. You’ve promised yourself several times that you’ll start your weight loss journey, but the mind talks you out of it.

How to Reframe Your Mind To Lose Weight No Matter What

To ensure you take control of your mind and commit yourself to your weight loss journey, here are a few practical tips to bear in mind:

Explore your reasons why

Examine your source of motivation. Why do you want to lose weight? You must be brutally honest with yourself for you to accomplish your mission. Your weight loss campaign will only be successful when you realize that you must make some lifestyle changes for things to start changing. Are you ready to change your habits?

Make mindful decisions

You’re the product of the choices you make every other day. If you decide you won’t exercise for a whole week, you’ll suffer the consequences later. Eat junk for a month, and you’ll have to bear the consequences of your choices. That said, your health is hinged on your choices. Which means, making mindful decisions is crucial.

Change your goals

Now that you want to start your weight loss journey, you probably are focused on losing weight. Losing weight is the result; it’s not the goal. Your goal should be to change your habits. Develop healthy habits that will eventually help you to achieve your desired results.

The point here is that you should focus more on what you can control. You can’t control how your body burns belly fat. You have no control over how the body increases or reduces metabolism. So, forget about the complex processes and change what you can. You can sleep early, right? How about increasing your intake of fruits and veggies? These are simple changes that will bring you massive results to your weight loss campaign.

You don’t have to complicate your weight loss journey. Change your goals and do the simple things that steer you in the right direction.

Have a strong support system

I think Mel Robbins is right when she says you can’t rely on motivation to keep you going. Motivation is often non-existent when you need it the most. When the road gets bumpy, remember, “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”- Jim Rohn.

Have a strong support system featuring your friends and family. These are the people that will hold your hand and remind you why you started your weight loss journey. Work closely with your friends and family to make your weight loss goal a reality.

Embrace the small changes

It’s not easy to make the big changes, but it’s pretty easy to make small lifestyle changes. Think about it this way – you can exercise for 45 minutes today. That’s the simplest change you can make today in your weight loss journey. Instead of focusing on the end result, pay more attention to what you can do today. Quit worrying or stressing about the big changes. Soon, your body will adjust, and you’ll develop healthy habits that make it easier for you to achieve your weight loss goal.

How long does it take for you to start losing weight?

Throughout your weight loss journey, you’ll often wonder how long it will take you to lose weight or even to start seeing the positive signs that you’re doing the right thing. Typically, it should take about 4 weeks to start noticing physical changes. 

Watch out for the following subtle signs because they will be an indication that your weight loss journey is paying off.

Sure Signs You’re Making Progress in Your Weight Loss Journey

More Energy

One of the main signs that will prove you’re making progress is when you have more energy. You won’t be lazy or fatigued throughout the day. You’ll be more energetic to perform tasks you never managed before. Chances are that you’ll even feel more productive and ready to tackle any challenges that come your way.

Increased Water Intake

Your metabolism will increase, and this will require you to up your water intake. Most people only drink water when they are thirsty or after meals. A clear sign that your efforts to lose weight are paying off is when you realize your water intake has increased.

Clothes Fit More Comfortably

After a few days or weeks of working out and eating healthily, your clothes will fit more comfortably. You’ll even feel lighter. This indicates that you’ve lost some inches. Of course, some of these changes may not be visible to the eye, but you’ll feel it.

You’re not Hungry All the Time

You may lose weight because of exercising and changing your diet. Increasing your protein intake and reducing your carb intake is the best way to achieve this. Your diet will impact how your body responds to hunger. Eating more satiating foods will ensure you can go for hours without feeling hungry. When you allow your body to fast for a few hours, it enters into ketosis, a state where fat is used for energy. According to Dr. Jason Fung, the longer you stay in the fasted state, the more your body burns fat for energy. So, you won’t feel hungry, and surprisingly, the body will still function optimally because it gets everything it needs from alternative energy sources.

Your Mood Improves

The more you exercise and lose weight in the process, the more you’ll feel good about yourself and your overall well-being. You’ll be happy with the progress you’re making. People will notice it, and you’ll do your best to keep up with the positive changes.

While you might be patient for all these signs to show up, it’s important to track your weight loss journey using tried and tested apps.

Best Apps to Track Your Weight Loss Journey in 2022

Weight loss apps are digital tools that can help track your lifestyle habits as you focus on losing weight. There are tons of useful apps online that can ensure you don’t lose track of your goal.

Top weight loss apps to try include:

  1. Lose It! Calorie Counter
  2. MyFitnessPal 
  3. Cronometer
  4. MyMacros+
  5. MyPlate Calorie Counter
  6. Fooducate 

Weight Loss Journey: Final Thoughts

Losing weight is not easy. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The best strategy to lose weight sustainably is to simplify your weight loss journey. Focus on the small things that will yield big results in the long run. You can’t lose weight overnight, but you can walk for 15-20 minutes today. What can you do today (NOW) to bring you an inch closer to your health goal? Quit overthinking and do that one thing today. Only through action will you see remarkable results in your weight loss journey. Good luck!

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