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Love Handles – 12 Reasons You Can’t Get Rid of Yours

We can all agree that losing belly fat is nothing but a huge challenge. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Most people who have tried and lost belly fat can attest that it took a while to completely eliminate the body fat. Sometimes it’s even more difficult for men to get rid of their love handles because fat is usually stored around this area.

It might be easier for women to lose weight in other body parts. However, most will still claim it’s difficult to lose belly fat. Sure, it’s challenging to get rid of your hip fat, but here are some of the reasons why you make it more difficult. By working on these mistakes, you stand a better chance of losing weight and achieving your desired look.

Common Mistakes Making it Difficult to Lose Your Love Handles

1. You’re Overeating

It’s no secret – you are what you eat. The main reason why you’re reading this piece in the first place is because your eating habits might be wanting. Dieticians often recommend consuming fewer calories than your body expends. Aim to achieve a calorie deficit, say 500 cal daily. Over time, your body will burn more calories than you consume. The overall effect is that you’ll lose weight. You’ll be a step closer to achieving your ideal weight, making it easier to get rid of your overall body fat.

You don’t have to do the extraordinary to consume fewer calories. Instead, you can swap unhealthy foods with healthier options. Choose low-calorie foods like spinach and eat them in place of calorie-dense foods.

2. You’re Undereating

One of the biggest mistakes we often make when we want to lose weight is to undereat. We assume that undereating will help the body to lose weight. Unfortunately, our systems don’t function that way. When you undereat, the body thinks you’re starving, so it holds on to the body fat instead of losing it. Plus, it affects your metabolism negatively, which in turn affects your sleep quality, mood, energy levels, and strength.

Don’t starve yourself. Opt to fast. Fasting is where you voluntarily go without eating for some time but replenish your energy levels during your eating window. Eat more proteins and fat and reduce your carbs intake.

3. You Rely on Booze to Unwind

If you’re one of those folks who rely on booze to unwind, you should realize that alcohol has many calories. Taking alcohol at every event isn’t the best way to unwind while catching up with your friends. Guess what? Even two glasses of wine daily can add up to 1,500 calories to what you consume weekly.

It gets worse, if you tend to put on weight around your hips, then expect to increase your waistline if you continue banking on booze to have fun. If you must indulge, do it wisely and opt for alternative healthy alcoholic drinks.

4. You Do Cardio Only

Exercising regularly is great for your body and overall health. But to get rid of love handles, you need more than just doing cardio exercises to get you the results you want. You’ll have to create time to lift weights.

Cardio exercises will help you to lose weight, but you need lean muscle to decrease your overall body fat.

5. You’re Often Stressed

Health experts argue that belly fat is also the result of increased cortisol levels. Stress can spike your blood sugar levels, affecting your body’s ability to burn stored fat.

To avoid waist-widening, you should learn to manage stress. Hang around people that make you happy. Doing this helps to improve your self-esteem and confidence. You’ll be surprised that the love handles will gradually decrease, especially if you engage in regular strength training exercises.

6. You’re Spot Training

Most dieters will rush to assume that spot training is the best way to lose body weight and get rid of belly fat. But doing crunches and planks alone won’t banish love handles.

People looking to achieve a slimmer look around the waistline will hit the gym more often and do the wrong exercises. Ab workouts alone won’t get rid of the stubborn belly fat. Focus more on full-body exercises and aim for a calorie deficit. This way, you’ll lose weight proportionally.

7. You’re Running Too Much

Running is a great workout to include in your program. However, too much running will do more harm than good. Why? While this sounds counterintuitive, the body gets used to your workout routines. You may hit a plateau. Before you know it, you’re struggling to get rid of your stomach fat despite your efforts.

Our bodies can’t adapt to anaerobic activities like sprinting and jumping. But they can adapt to prolonged aerobic activities. So, it’s best to mix up your workout routine. Do some cardio but also mix it up with high intensity interval training.

8. You Eat Throughout the Day

The funny thing about love handles is that they start in the kitchen and end in the same place. Contrary to what we know, our bodies don’t need food energy throughout the day. We should improve our eating habits by eating only when the body needs energy.

In other words, intermittent fasting can really deliver great results. This gives the body ample time even to source energy from its fat stores. Over time, you can get rid of the love handles.

9. You Eat a Lot of Processed Starches

For most people struggling to lose weight around the belly area, consuming a lot of processed starches is partly to be blamed. Usually, these foods are processed into sugars, which increases your blood sugar levels. With your blood sugar levels high, it makes it almost impossible for the body to burn fat.

Review your meal plans and replace instances where you over-rely on carbs. Aim to replace foods like pasta and bread with healthier alternatives.

10. Your Body-Fat Percentage is High

It’s difficult to get a flat stomach if your body-fat percentage is over 25% for women or over 15% for men. If this is the case, then your body shape might be something that needs work. To reduce your overall body fat percentage, hit the gym at least four times weekly. Remember to incorporate strength training exercises and cardio. 

Your food choices will also determine how fast you can get a flat stomach. Opt for fat-burning foods that increase your body’s ability to burn fat.

11. You’re Lacking in Leptin

Here’s an important scientific fact that can help you to lose weight and keep it off in the long run – the hormone leptin tells your brain you’re full. It’s a satiety hormone that can be increased by consuming more proteins.

Start your day with a hearty breakfast composed of eggs, avocado, and some bacon slices. You’ll notice that you can stay without food for longer. That said, losing weight is easier when you’re consuming fewer calories throughout the day.

12. You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is vital for your health. Getting enough sleep should be prioritized just like you prioritize food or any other important activity. Aim to get quality sleep every day if you want to get rid of love handles.


You now know the reasons why you can’t get rid of your love handles. If some of the reasons discussed herein are things you often deal with, you can avoid these mistakes to get a flat tummy. Keep in mind that you are what you eat. So, getting a flat stomach starts in the kitchen and ends there. 

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