Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy – Simple Tips

You can lose belly fat after pregnancy by adopting a more active lifestyle and eating the right foods that will increase your likelihood of losing weight. 

Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy

Carrying excess weight after pregnancy is a common issue. Studies show that about 75% of women are heavier than they were before getting pregnant. Some end up struggling to lose this weight in the long run. You may be reading this post because you’re interested in getting rid of belly fat for good. Luckily, there are simple belly fat loss strategies you can use to lose belly fat after pregnancy.

Easy Steps to Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy

Before adopting any techniques discussed herein to lose belly fat after pregnancy, ensure you talk to your doctor about it. You should be given the go-ahead to ensure you don’t face any sudden complications.

1. Breastfeeding

Research shows that breastfeeding can help you burn approximately 500 calories. This can greatly impact your weight loss campaign, especially after giving birth.

So, breastfeeding is a great way to lose belly fat after pregnancy, even while resting with your baby.

Remember that breastfeeding will also help build your child’s immunity. So, it’s a win-win for you and the baby.

2. Walking

Walking will always remain a great way of keeping fit, whether you plan to lose belly fat. Most people overlook the perks of walking because they don’t feel like the body is expending energy.

The truth is that walking is beneficial and can help you lose belly fat after pregnancy. The fun part of walking is that you can stroll with your friends. Some people even consider walking a form of meditation. Spending the evenings walking while the baby is sleeping can help you unwind.

Ensure you track your recovery progress with your doctor. Regular walks will make you stronger over time. Plus, you’ll be happy, thanks to the positive mentality you’ll be adopting as you take care of your lovely baby.

3. Eat well

It may seem obvious that skipping meals is the best way to lose belly fat after pregnancy. But for the sake of the baby and your post-pregnancy recovery, eating right is key. You need to provide the body with essential nutrients to help you recover fully and provide you with the energy you need to burn fat effectively.

Trust your doctors when they advise you that you need the energy to take care of the baby and ensure you have the strength to recover fully.

Fill your plate with dark green veggies, lean protein, some carbs, green tea, and make sure you keep yourself hydrated.

4. Exercise

Losing stubborn stomach fat after childbirth can feel rewarding. To achieve this feat, you’ll have to exercise for about 20-30 minutes of strength training and cardio. You don’t have to hit the gym to exercise; you can try physical exercises when the baby takes a nap. 15 minutes of cardio thrice a week can make a huge difference. Don’t complicate your workout routine. You just need to simplify and focus on keeping yourself stronger and fit.

Start small and focus on doing more cardio. As you get stronger, you can incorporate strength training exercises to burn belly fat.

5. Get enough rest

Don’t let your anxiety to lose belly fat after pregnancy stop you from getting the rest you need. According to TheSleepdoctor, insufficient sleep can activate pro-inflammatory processes in your body. Sure, it can be daunting to get the quality sleep you need with your baby around, but ensure you rest when you can.

6. Steer clear of fad diets

Postpartum “baby blues” are a common thing. You may experience fear and anxiety or even have trouble sleeping. You may think of using extreme diets to get back into shape. The problem with extreme diets is that you won’t provide the body with enough nutrients to function optimally. Starving yourself only makes things worse.

Talk to your dietitian about your plan to lose belly fat after pregnancy. Ask them to recommend healthier food options that won’t deter you from losing weight.

7. Meditate

Welcoming a new baby is quite demanding. Your usual routine will be thrown out of the window since you won’t find time to even engage in your hobbies. Find time to meditate, as this will help you manage stress effectively. Relieve the negative energy boiling within you and breathe in positivity. Keep your mind refreshed by reading or surrounding yourself with your loved ones.

 Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy – Summary

Generally, you can lose belly fat after pregnancy. All you have to do is to focus on taking good care of yourself and the baby. Avoid strict diets and exercise more often. More importantly, focus on the big picture – it’s not all about losing weight. At the end of the day, you want your baby to get all the required nutrients from you through breastfeeding. So, eat nutritious foods and steer clear of fad diets.

Can you lose belly fat after pregnancy?

It’s possible to lose belly fat even after pregnancy. Of course, you’ll want to get rid of the unsightly stretch marks, but to lose stomach fat, you have to exercise regularly, eat clean, and continue breastfeeding.

How long does it take to get rid of belly fat after pregnancy?

Usually, it takes about 6-9 months to get your old, curvy body shape. For some, it may take longer, especially if they gained a lot during pregnancy.

Which exercises can help you get rid of mommy belly fat?

You can lose belly fat after pregnancy by performing strength training exercises like squats. Cardio exercises, including walking, jogging, swimming, etc., can also help.

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