Do Squats Help Lose Belly Fat?

Do Squats Help Lose Belly Fat? – Answered

Yes, squats will help you to lose belly fat. While spot training is not always recommended, squats are a powerful exercise routine that will ensure you burn belly fat.

Most people assume that the best way to burn belly fat is to focus on training their ab muscles. The truth is that spot training is not as rewarding as most people think. In fact, spot training can trigger you to forget the overall importance of exercising. Exercise to improve your health and well-being. Don’t just exercise because you want to lose weight. Focus on the bigger picture.

So, squats can help you lose belly fat. But it shouldn’t be the main focus you should be focusing on. Instead, visualize yourself in the next few months. How do you want to look? What are your short-term health goals? What are your long-term health goals?

Do Squats Help Lose Belly Fat? – Top Reasons Why

Here are reasons why squats will help you lose belly fat and ensure you achieve your main health goals:

  • Squats burn calories
  • Squats strengthen your joints
  • Squats help with belly fat
  • Squats are ideal for weight loss
  • No room for boredom
  • Squats give you a great shape

1. Squats burn calories

Have you ever realized that squats require great effort to perform the exercise? Most people, including top athletes, usually complain when it’s leg day. Squatting is not easy. Performing several reps of this exercise will get your heart pumping, and you’ll burn calories in the process.

The longer and the more intensive you go with squatting, the more calories you’ll burn. Of course, the effort to burn calories doesn’t come from your belly fat. However, some energy will be sourced from the fat deposits around your waistline.

To ensure you don’t give up along the way, make sure you choose the right diet to keep your energy levels in check.

2. Squats strengthen your joints

If you’ve never trained or are planning to start training, you’ll come across people arguing that squats will injure your knees and other joints.

However, this is far from the truth. Squats will strengthen your joints, including hips, knees, and ankles. You’ll be more flexible, enhancing your lower body’s mobility.

To squat effectively and lose stomach fat, always strive to get the correct movement. This means ensuring your knees are not bent when performing the required movement.

3. Squats help with belly fat

Most people will ask – do squats help lose belly fat? – often because they are concerned with their appearance. We all want to look great, right? We all crave a good physique. But we rarely put in the effort to develop healthy habits that ensure we achieve our health goals.

So, can you lose belly fat from squatting? Yes. Squats will strengthen your core. The stronger your core, the more likely you’ll be doing sit-ups and push-ups effectively. You’ll also build endurance toward other exercises that will help you lose stomach fat.

4. Squats are ideal for weight loss

Squats will help you lose belly fat simply because they are great movements that focus on the whole body. The exercise will work on muscles in your legs, back, hips, core, arms, and shoulders. With all these muscles engaged, you’re likely to lose weight in short and in the long run.

Since you will be losing fat in most areas of your body, you should expect to get a flat tummy within weeks or months, depending on your weight loss goal.

5. No room for boredom

One exciting aspect of squats is that there is no room for boredom. There are many squat variations to incorporate into your workout. You can’t get bored with a single movement. Here is a list of the squat variations to try out:

  • Landmine squat
  • Overhead squat
  • Goblet squat
  • Zercher squat
  • Bulgarian split squat
  • Dumbbell squat
  • Barbell back squats

So, Do squats get rid of love handles? Well, if you incorporate most of these squat variations, you can be sure to get rid of love handles in the long run.

6. Squats give you a great shape

Besides your interest in getting the answer to – do squats help lose belly fat? – it should be noted that squats will give you a great shape. Remember, you’ll be targeting many muscles in the body. The legs, back, shoulders, booty, and inner thighs will arguably give you the ideal shape you strongly desire.

 Do Squats Help Lose Belly Fat? – Summary

Yes, squats will generally help you lose stomach fat because it targets most muscles in the body. Squats are quite engaging, and you’ll find yourself sweating even after performing a few repetitions of a specific movement. Consequently, you should consider incorporating squats to your everyday workout routine.


Can you lose belly fat from squatting?

Yes. You can lose belly fat from squatting because the process of burning belly fat requires movements that push your body to burn more calories than you consume. So, squats are ideal movements to burn fat and lose weight in the long run.

Are squats good for a flat stomach?

Squats are a great exercise, whether you’re looking to lose belly fat or lose weight. The goblet squat is considered the most effective type of squat to help you get a flat stomach.

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