Can’t Lose Stomach Fat No Matter What I Do

Why You Can’t Lose Stomach Fat

Unfortunately, you might be doing your best to lose stomach fat, but it seems like nothing seems to work in your favor. There are specific reasons why you’re not losing belly fat as expected. This post outlines some reasons you’re not burning fat and what you can do to achieve your weight loss goals.

Beyond science, we can all agree that stomach fat is perhaps the most stubborn fat to lose. You’re reading this post because you’ve struggled but can’t find the perfect solution to the health issue. The truth is that there’s nothing pleasing about walking around with the excess weight around your belly. We all yearn to get rid of it for good.

Why You Struggle To Lose Belly Fat

No matter what you’ve done to lose belly fat, it’s getting clearer and clearer that you can’t just get rid of the stubborn fat easily. Looking in the mirror seems to even make the situation worse because it reminds you of how hard it is to burn belly fat.

To help you find a solution that will finally trigger your system to start burning belly fat, here are the reasons why losing fat around your waistline is still a challenge.

1. You’re overeating

Your body may find it difficult to burn belly fat because you’re eating more than you should. The body may not lose weight if you’re not finding the right balance between calories consumed and burned.

You could be doing a great job counting calories during weekdays and slacking during the weekend. Perhaps you give yourself too much freedom, only to find yourself binging on foods with empty calories.

The main issue with this behavior is that you end up hampering your weight loss goal. You’ll find it daunting to achieve your desired results.

Solution: The best remedy to ensure you don’t overeat or binge on unhealthy foods is to track everything. Get a journal and write everything. You can use weight loss apps to help you effectively track what you eat. With time, you’ll notice specific habits that drive you to choose unhealthy foods.

2. Your exercises aren’t hard enough

You can lose weight even without exercise. But dieticians and fitness experts will stress that exercise will accelerate your weight loss campaign. You’ll lose weight faster because the body will burn calories much faster. Plus, with increased metabolism from your routine exercises, your system will function at its best, allowing you to burn fat effectively.

Solution: If you’ve not been pushing your body to the edge, it’s time to challenge those muscles. Focus on incorporating exercises like high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training into your workouts.

3. You’re lacking in leptin

Science indicates that the hormone leptin helps your system to maintain normal weight in the long run. The hormone regulates hunger by sending you signals that you’re full. So, if you’re lacking in leptin hormone, the chances are that you struggle to manage your hunger pangs.

Keep in mind that if you can’t manage hunger, you’re likely to overeat.

Solution: A quick fix here is to pick the right foods that activate the hormone leptin. Increase your intake of vegetables, healthy oils, whole grains, salad greens, and legumes.

4. You’re stressed

Stress is a common issue in the 21st century. It seems like everybody is stressed, worrying about their finances and all kinds of things. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), Gen Z adults between 18-23 years experience unprecedented levels of stress and report symptoms of depression.

The issue with stress is that it puts our bodies in a fat-storage mode. Instead of losing weight, you may notice instances where your weight increases. It makes it harder to lose belly fat. You’ll be packing more weight, a situation that will eventually drive you to give up.

Solution: Learn effective ways to manage stress. Check your everyday routine to establish stress triggers that you can deal with. If you’re taking on too much in your work schedule, it’s time to delegate some of these tasks.

5. You’re spot training

Do you find yourself focusing on exercising your ab muscles just because you want to lose belly fat? Well, sorry to say this but spot training won’t help you to burn belly fat. Performing tons of planks and crunches won’t burn calories as you expect.

Solution: Instead of spot training, focus on workouts that engage the whole body. Do some squats, walk, run, swim, etc. All these are good exercises that will target other muscles in the body and ensure you burn the most calories.

Can’t Lose Stomach Fat No Matter What I Do – Summary

Generally, when you can’t lose stomach fat, irrespective of your efforts, it means there’s something wrong you’re doing. You’re not eating healthy foods, or you’re either not exercising as required. Make the small adjustments proposed herein, and you’ll notice significant changes in your weight loss campaign.

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