lose bely fat without losing weight

Can You Lose Belly Fat Without Losing Weight?

Yes, you can lose belly fat without losing weight, but this doesn’t mean that you only focus on spot training. You need to increase your protein intake and ensure you mix up your exercises.

Losing weight is a common goal among most people. It’s not surprising that tons want to get rid of their love handles. You might be reading this critique because you want to get a flat tummy but not lose weight.

Our bodies tend to deposit fat around the belly area. As a result, people usually put on excess fat around the stomach and lower back. If you want to get rid of stubborn fat, here are handy tips to help you.

10 Tips to Lose Belly Fat Without Losing Weight

1. Do Core Exercises

It makes sense that you should focus on strengthening your core to help you lose stomach fat. In fact, this is what most trainers do, especially after a long holiday treat. While it’s normal to shed a few pounds, eating the right foods will ensure you don’t lose a significant amount of weight. 

Simple core strengthening workouts to incorporate into your routine include:

Simple planks

Assume a pushup position and keep your arms shoulder-width apart. Raise your knees and hold a pushup position. While in this position, ensure you only support your body using your toes and arms.

Engage your core and maintain the same position for two minutes. Ensure your back is straight for maximum burning sensation.

Bicycle crunches

You can perform bicycle crunches right after the simple planks. Lie on the floor with your face facing up. Bend your knees and place your arms on your head or near your temple.

Extend your left knee while simultaneously bending the right knee toward your chest. The goal is to move your legs like you’re riding a bike.

Continue moving your knees and increase the pace for maximum burning sensation. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions (reps) each.

Crocodile crawl

The crocodile walk has recently been popularized by “The Crocodile people” in China. It’s an interesting story where a group of elderly people in China gather together to crawl their way to a healthy life.

Hundreds of people crawl like reptiles as a way of working out. 

The crocodile crawl can help you to strengthen your core muscles. In this movement mimic how crocodiles walk. Engage your core and ensure you’re as close to the ground as possible.

2. Try Resistance Training

You don’t have to focus on spot training to lose belly fat without losing weight. Try resistance bands, your body weight, or free weights to perform resistance training exercises. Squats, lunges, and pushups are worth trying.

3. Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle

While doing your best to burn belly fat, you should avoid a desk-bound lifestyle. Sitting down the whole day will only make it harder for you to get a flat stomach. There are many ways you can exercise, even in the office. Stand up after every hour and do some planks for 5 minutes. Of course, you don’t have to sweat while doing this.

4. Reduce Your Sodium Intake

You can lose belly fat if you reduce your salt intake. The problem with salt is that it increases your body’s water retention capacity. So, to tone your stomach without losing weight, it’s best that you limit your salt intake.

5. Eat Mindfully

A healthy balanced diet should feature proteins, carbs, fats, fruits and vitamins. However, there’s nothing wrong with switching your diet to achieve your health goals. Consider limiting your carb intake since they are usually processed into sugars. Sugar will spike your blood sugar levels, making it more daunting for you to lose belly fat.

6. Avoid Excess Sugar

We’ve mentioned something about sugar and how it leads to increased blood sugar levels. The issue here is that the body enters into a fat-storage mode instead of burning belly fat and other fat around your body. Therefore, it helps to keep off sugar. Start by eliminating sports drinks, juices, and sweetened soda. Replace these with healthier fruit smoothies.

7. Keep Yourself Hydrated

If you’ve not been drinking water, you need to increase your H2O intake to 8-10 glasses. Coffee and unsweetened green tea also helps. If you have time, blend vegetable and fruit juices since they will provide you with essential nutrients to burn belly fat and keep you fuller for some time.

8. Manage Stress

Stress often triggers the production of cortisol, a hormone known to cause weight gain. Learn to manage stress effectively by talking to your friends, family, or any other person you trust. Meditation, yoga, and deep breathing exercises can also help.

9. Avoid Alcohol

An apple a day keeps you healthy and fit. Binging on alcohol every day will only make your body deposit more fat around your waistline. Do yourself a favor and avoid alcohol. Drinking once in a while isn’t bad but do your best to avoid it if you want to get a flat tummy in the coming months.

10. Get Enough Sleep

Aim to get quality sleep every day as it’s an integral aspect of good health. The worst thing about not getting enough sleep is that it might contribute to overeating. Hence, aim to get about 7 hours of sleep daily.


With these 10 tips to lose belly fat without losing weight, you should be on the right path to getting the body shape you strongly crave for. Remember to watch your portions and stick to healthy foods.

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