Belly Fat is So Hard to Lose: 5 Proven Reasons Why

Belly fat is so hard to lose because your body is going through a major transformation, and other factors could make it daunting for you to burn belly fat. If you’re getting older with a sedentary lifestyle or are doing the wrong workouts, you’ll struggle to lose belly fat.

Belly Fat is So Hard to Lose: Why?

We can’t ignore the fact that belly fat is indeed very hard to lose. The problem with the stubborn beer belly is that it’s a likely indication of common lifestyle-related ailments, including type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and insulin resistance. If you’ve been working out and the size of your pooch isn’t reducing, your age, hormones, genetics, and other factors could be major culprits.

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When nothing seems to work in your favor, you might have wondered, “How do I get rid of belly fat?” or “What exercises burns most belly fat?” Before we look at the answers to these questions, here are reasons why it’s hard to get a flat tummy.

You like alcohol and sweets.

Consuming excess calories than the body can burn often leads to weight gain. Typically, you gain visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. In most American diets, alcohol and sweet treats are common things. It’s not surprising then that studies reveal that nearly 1 in 3 adults in America are overweight. With these numbers in mind, the best move to lose belly fat is to eliminate sweets and reduce alcohol consumption.

You’re getting older.

Age affects how the body gains and loses weight. When you grow older, there’s a general decline in your metabolic rate and the amount of calories the body requires to function optimally. Plus, it gets worse in women since they have to battle menopause. According to Michael Jensen, M.D. from Mayo Clinic, women who experience weight gain after menopause are more likely to add weight around the belly.

You’re not doing the right workout.

Cardio exercises are great for your heart. But the reality is that cardio exercises alone won’t help you get a flat belly. You need to incorporate weight training into your routine to burn belly fat. Why? Because muscle burns more calories. Consequently, building muscle is one effective way to ensure your system burns more calories.

You’re consuming too many processed foods.

It may be so hard to lose belly fat because you’re a big fan of refined grains like crackers, bread, and chips. Belly fat is often linked to inflammation. For that reason, a high intake of processed foods will hamper your ability to burn belly fat.

You’re skimping on sleep.

Studies show that your sleep patterns will affect your ability to gain or lose weight. In fact, it can lead to obesity. If you’re not getting sufficient sleep, it could be part of the main reason why you find it hard to lose belly fat.

Over to You

Clearly, making lifestyle changes will help you lose belly fat. If you like treating yourself to sweets and wine, it’s time to cut back on these things. You should prioritize sleep and aim to get up to 7 hours of quality sleep. More importantly, do the right exercises that will challenge your body to burn more fat.


Can’t lose belly fat no matter what I do?

You might struggle with belly fat because you’re stressed, you’re eating too much, you’re doing the wrong exercises, and you’re not getting enough sleep.

What burns the most stomach fat?

Aerobic exercises combined with strength-training workouts will burn the most belly fat.

Which type of belly fat is the hardest to lose?

Subcutaneous fat is often considered “stubborn fat” because it's difficult to lose. It’s the visible fat that people find unsightly and uncomfortable.

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