10 Weight Loss Principles That Actually Work

Scientifically Proven Weight Loss Principles

Weight loss principles define what you should do to lose weight successfully in the short run and keep it off in the long run.

If you’ve been reading weight loss articles online, you probably have noticed that most of these articles are getting a little nutty. Of course, there are new scientific studies that help us to understand how our metabolism works. These scientific studies are quite informative and valuable. However, when weight loss findings have been morphed into “overnight” solutions, they raise eyebrows on their effectiveness. This post will review some of the proven weight loss principles that actually work.

One exciting aspect of weight loss is that we all know that it all comes down to taking ACTION. We all are aware of what we should be doing, but we fail to take the necessary action to do what is required of us.

The weight loss principles outlined below feature simple, everyday strategies you’re aware of.

Basic Weight Loss Principles 

1. Diet is Key

Most weight loss strategies will recommend exercise as the main technique for burning fat and losing weight. But it’s worth noting that what you eat matters a great deal. Limiting your calorie intake in short and in the long run will help you lose weight fast.

If you eat the wrong foods while maintaining the same level of exercise, you won’t lose weight. Therefore, the smart way to lose weight is to focus mostly on changing your diet.

2. Determine Your Why

We all have our motivations to lose weight. Some reasons might be personal, while others stem from the desire to be healthy. To speed up weight loss, your reasons should be motivating enough. They should push you to keep going even when you don’t feel like keeping up the fight.

3. Time Your Eating

Perhaps the reason intermittent fasting and other weight loss strategies work is because they mainly focus on when (timing) you should eat instead of what you should eat. Therefore, one of the main weight loss principles that you shouldn’t overlook is timing your eating.

Change your eating habits. Don’t just eat because it’s time to eat. If you’re not hungry, skip a meal. Allow your body to burn fat while waiting for the next meal.

4. Track Your Progress

Your weight loss journey might seem to be about dropping the numbers on the scale. But the truth about weight loss is that it goes beyond the numbers on the scale. So, you need to measure your success in different ways.

Besides using the scale, determine whether you’re continuously hitting your set targets. For instance, jogging for 15 minutes, running for 10 minutes, biking for 30 minutes, etc. All these are process goals. If you maintain your consistency, the results will come.

5. Use Exercise as a Supplement

Another weight loss principle to bear in mind is to use exercise as a supplement tool. Besides focusing on eating right, incorporate exercise into your routine. 

Simple physical exercises that will help you lose weight fast include:

  • Walking/running games
  • Dancing
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • Squats
  • Planks

Aim to make your exercises exciting. Doing this will motivate you to engage in these exercises even when you don’t feel like exercising.

6. You Have to Work Harder

Losing weight is challenging. Individuals who have been obese and overweight and achieved their goals will attest that it takes hard work to achieve your goals. Even after accomplishing your mission, you should realize that maintaining the ideal weight will mean you have to continue working harder.

So, brace yourself for the challenge ahead. The reasons why you started will help you here to ensure you keep going.

7. The Battle is in the Mind

The battle to lose the kilos and keep it off, in the long run, is in the mind. It all starts in the mind. You first decide to eat right and exercise more often to achieve your weight loss goals. Your weight loss principles here should influence you to make smart choices.

Building on the healthy decisions you make every day will have a massive impact on your weight loss journey. You’ll develop the required discipline to keep doing what is required to burn fat.

8. Drink Plenty of Water

Water should be your best friend during your entire weight loss journey. Keep your system hydrated because it needs water to keep functioning optimally. Plus, drinking water is an effective strategy that triggers your stomach receptors.

Drink about two glasses before a meal. You’ll reduce the likelihood of overeating, which helps you to lower your calorie intake.

9. Stick to Natural

It’s okay to eat your favorite processed foods once in a while. After all, these niceties won’t do you harm if you consume them in moderation. Now that you want to lose weight fast, aim to stick to natural options,

Avoid processed foods because they are empty calories. The body breaks down processed foods into sugars, increasing insulin levels. When this happens, the body stores the excess sugars as fat. Over time, this leads to weight gain.

10. Consistency is Key

Lastly, your weight loss principles demand that you MUST be consistent. Eating healthy foods for five days and binging on unhealthy foods during the weekend won’t help you to lose weight fast.

Commit yourself to the process. You know how important losing weight is to you. Again, think about the reasons why you started. Find your core motivation and build on it. 

Weight Loss Principles – Summary

You may have thought of turning to fad diets as a way of losing weight fast. But these diets only work in the short run. You might regain all the weight you lose in the long run. So, the healthy way to cut weight is to shed the pounds gradually.

Visualize yourself having dropped kilos. It helps to remind yourself that your weight loss journey is rewarding in the end. Brace yourself to face the adversities in your path. Yes, it will be daunting to lose weight, but you will be happy you walked down this path. Good luck!

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