What To Do To Get Motivated To Lose Weight Again

The funny thing about losing weight is that you know what to do, but you can’t get yourself to lose weight. Most people even conclude that “the spirit is willing, but the flesh (body) is weak.” This post will rekindle the motivation you once had to lose weight again. Here’s a quick look at what to do to get motivated to lose weight again.

What To Do To Get Motivated To Lose Weight Again – Tips

You’ve been determined to lose weight. Every day you keep convincing yourself that you’ll wake up early the following morning to work out. Time flies, and the next morning, you’re struggling with the snooze button. During the day, when the mind is clear, you start beating yourself for why you had to hit snooze. And the routine repeats itself for weeks. Indeed, it’s unbearable. You’ve come to the right place to know what to do to get motivated to lose weight again.

1. Take a Break

The fact that you’re not motivated to lose weight doesn’t mean that you’ve failed. One thing we should all realize is that we all have our moments of ups and downs. Instead of beating yourself up just because you can’t lose weight, take a break.

Your weight loss motivation will wax and wane. When this happens, take a break from your everyday routine. Consider this a signal that you should try something different. Change your workout routine; for example, try something you’ve not tried before.

2. Ask yourself the tough questions

Sometimes you also need to take a moment to quiz yourself. If things are not working out, find a quiet place and ask yourself the tough questions you haven’t thought of. By doing this, you’ll be sourcing motivation from within. You’ll draw inspiration from your inner self, which is more inspiring than seeking external motivation.

  • If I stop working out, how will I feel in 3 weeks’ time or 6 months from now?
  • If I don’t choose healthy foods, how will it affect my health and wellbeing?
  • If I stop exercising, how will my productivity be affected?

3. Set realistic goals

Setting unrealistic weight loss goals is one way of setting yourself up for failure. Studies reveal that most people give up because they fail to achieve their unrealistic weight loss goals. It’s worth noting that you can’t really control how your body burns fat for you to lose weight. So, control what you can and don’t overwhelm yourself. Choose healthy, nutritious food. Workout more often as you should and ensure you tame your hunger pangs. Over time, your body will naturally lose weight.

4. Stick to your plan

Losing weight sustainably should be your number one priority. The Boston Medical Center reveals that approximately 45 million Americans diet yearly, and about 50% turn to fad diets. Unfortunately, the problem with fad diets is that they are overly restrictive. You may struggle to lose weight because you’ll be adopting a lifestyle you’re not used to.

To get motivated to lose weight, stick to your plan. Adopt a realistic plan that works for you. Don’t feel pressured to lose weight because you’re not competing with anyone. Remind yourself that the main goal is to keep fit and get the body you strongly desire.

5. Devise a plan

Now, once you are clear about where you want to go, it’s crucial that you devise a plan to get to your destination. How will you change your schedule to ensure you can exercise in the morning or in the evening? What are some of the eating routines you will adopt?

Treat your weight loss goal seriously. Start with a strategy and do your best to stick to it.

Changing your habits during the first few days won’t be easy. However, it would be worthwhile in the long run. If you must challenge your mind to get out of your comfort zone, do it! You’re not your thoughts. Don’t allow your negative mindset to talk you out of something that will make you feel happy in the long run.

6. Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself to super-thin or shredded models may seem like a great way to motivate yourself to lose weight. However, you risk hurting yourself in the process. You’ll be setting unrealistic expectations by comparing yourself to other people who are more fit or have more active lifestyles. Sooner or later, you’ll even stop trying because you think you can’t be like them.

To stay inspired toward your weight loss campaign, post your pictures of the then and now. How you looked 6 months before you started working out should motivate you to realize that you can do better.

7. Focus on the good feelings

Too often, we get consumed by the numbers on the scale. You can easily give up when you realize the numbers aren’t dropping as expected. But the best way to stay motivated to lose weight is to focus on the good feelings.

Think about how well you sleep after working out. Or how good you feel after taking a cold shower right after your morning run. All these good feelings are rewards that will trigger the brain to push you to do more of the same. With time, working out won’t be as undesirable. You won’t even struggle looking for motivation because your brain supports your weight loss goal.

8. Continue rewarding yourself

Now that you know what to do to get motivated to lose weight again, you need to figure out a way of rewarding yourself even before you achieve your big goals. This means you shouldn’t overlook the small milestones you make. Every achievement deserves a nod. Rewarding yourself doesn’t mean that you should drink excessively or binge on unhealthy foods. Stick to your healthy routine and be creative about gifting yourself something nice.

What To Do To Get Motivated To Lose Weight Again – Summary

You now have an idea of how to motivate someone to lose weight. If you can motivate yourself, you can also share your ideas with the people you care about. Losing weight is a challenge. If you managed to burn fat successfully, be open to revealing your secrets to those you want to see living healthy and happy lives.

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