Trick Your Mind To Love Exercise Daily

You can trick your mind to love exercise daily as this is the only way that you will get back on track with your yearly resolutions. It’s difficult to make exercise a habit if you integrate something into your lifestyle that doesn’t suit you. Instead of developing an all-or-nothing mentality, there are certain tricks you could adopt to trigger your mind into loving exercise.

Trick Your Mind To Love Exercise Daily – Tips

Anyone who’s tried losing weight will attest that weight loss is usually more mental than physical. It all comes down to the simple decisions you make. Deciding to do what is required of you is the most difficult thing to do. Millions of people are trapped in their minds. They overthink and ultimately find themselves overwhelmed with their weight loss plans.

Having an all-or-nothing approach only sets you up for a major disappointment. You’ll want to believe that you can lose weight overnight, which is impossible. Before you know it, minor mishaps might derail you from staying focused on your ultimate goal.

Here are strategies you should adopt to trick your mind to love exercise daily.

Be Armed and Ready

Developing new healthy habits is only easy on paper. Thinking about the new habits you’ll form is the easiest thing. In fact, we all picture ourselves doing the simple things that will ensure we live healthy lives. However, the challenge comes with the “ACTION.” People fail to take action despite their knowledge and awareness of what they should be doing to lose weight.

So, one way to trick your mind to love exercise daily is to be armed and ready. Prepare yourself for the minor and major setbacks that could prevent you from achieving your mini goals. Find a solution to these challenges.

Start slowly and comfortably

You can’t love exercise if it makes you uncomfortable. The biggest mistake we often make is that we start off hard. Say you want to start exercising from tomorrow; this doesn’t mean that you should hit the gym for 3 hours or more. It doesn’t mean you should run for one hour as you try to reap maximum benefits from your workouts

The ideal approach is to start small and comfortably. Plan to engage in exercises you love for a few minutes during the first week. Give your body ample time to adjust to the new routine. You can increase your workouts’ intensity as your body gets used to strenuous exercises. By doing this, you won’t feel like exercising is a burden. You’re more likely to form healthy habits around your workouts.

Set the right goals

Setting your weight loss goals gives you a sense of direction. It defines what you should be doing to get to your desired destination. As part of ensuring you’re motivated to maintain good habits to lose weight in the long run, it’s crucial that your set the right kind of goals.

Set SMART goals that will likely inspire you to keep doing what works for you. Lofty unreasonable goals will only make you develop a negative attitude toward your exercises. So, focus on setting small, attainable goals.

Go with the flow

Again, it’s imperative that you refrain from having an all-or-nothing approach to your weight loss goal. If you had scheduled to workout in the evening and you realize later that you don’t have time, you shouldn’t give up on rescheduling your program. Don’t give up just because you think you can’t work out any other time. Be flexible. Be open to new ways of exercising that will still help you to achieve your set goals. Having an open mind allows you to create plans B, C, and D in case the main plan doesn’t work out.

Don’t just focus on weight loss

Exercising more often will help you to lose weight, but you shouldn’t make it to be the only indicator of success. Focusing on the numbers on the weighing scale will prevent you from celebrating the small accomplishments you make along the way. After lifting weights for a while and getting a more toned body, you’ll build muscle. So, expect to be heavier before you can finally burn the excess fat in your body.

Instead of dwelling too much on the numbers on the scale, focus on the feeling. Savor the good feelings that come to you as a result of completing your daily workouts. Moreover, embrace the mental perks too – feeling less stressed, less anxious or angry.

Know yourself

Another huge mistake most people make is they think working out is all about going to the gym. The problem with this mentality is that people fail to enjoy working out because they settle for a routine that doesn’t work for them. There are many physical activities you can engage in and still achieve your fitness goals. So, exercising is not just lifting weights. If you’re a sports enthusiast, you can try sports that will keep you physically active. Lifting weights can be done once in a while if it’s something that you’re not comfortable with.

Don’t give up

Life happens when we have everything working well. Work, illness, and holidays will want to derail you from your weight loss goal. You may want to give up because your work schedule doesn’t give you ample time to work out as you want. Illness can also prevent you from being fully motivated to concentrate on your weight loss campaign.

Remember, going with the flow is the best way to counter such life challenges. If you don’t have time in your busy schedule, you can reschedule and choose other times to exercise. The same thing applies to other scenarios that could deter you from working on your mission.

Trick Your Mind To Love Exercise Daily – Summary

You can trick your mind to love exercise daily. The goal is to focus more on doing something that you enjoy doing. You can always try out other physical exercises as long as they increase your metabolism. Losing weight is difficult, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

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