Lose Weight Fast With Simple Exercises

It’s possible to lose weight fast with simple exercises you can perform every day. Consistency is always the key to losing weight, meaning your choice of exercises should motivate you to be consistent.

Let’s be honest, losing weight is a challenge. You might be reading this post because you’ve tried just about anything under the sun, but you still can’t lose weight. Worse, stepping on the weighing scale gives you the creeps because you could be worried that you might gain weight instead of losing. The idea of losing weight seems far-fetched, and most people have even given up on the idea because it seems impossible.

Contrary to your perceptions, it’s possible to lose weight fast, but it all depends on what you do and your eating habits. This post takes you through very easy exercises that will guarantee you start noticing weight loss changes within weeks.

How Fast Can You Lose Weight?

Before looking at the exercises that will help you lose weight fast, it’s worth knowing how fast you should be losing weight. Health experts recommend losing about 1-2 pounds weekly. While this seems like minimal losses, it’s the best approach to ensure you lose weight sustainably and avoid regaining it in the long run.

6 Easy Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

1. Running

Love it or hate it, going for a run is the simplest exercise around. You don’t need to buy any equipment to start running. And the best part is that you can do it from anywhere. You can run at your convenient time,  in the morning or late in the evening.

You might be thinking to yourself that you’ve tried running, but you can’t lose weight fast. Well, the chances are that you’re doing the same running routines every day. Your body adjusts to your workouts, and there’s little you can gain by repeating the same routines. Consequently, switch things up by running in intervals, changing speeds while running, and sprinting in between your runs. Doing this challenges your muscles, and you’ll even feel the difference after your workouts.

2. Sprinting

We’re not saying that the best way to lose weight is to compete with the likes of Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. These are the fastest people we know of. However, the goal here is to sprint in intervals. Start with a simple 5-minute jog followed by a 10-12 seconds sprint. It doesn’t matter how far you sprint, but try your best to push your body. Jog after your first sprint to help you catch your breath before you sprint again. Repeat this three times and finish with a 10-minute jog. At the end of the day, you will be doing something that your system has never tried before. Keep challenging your muscles to ensure you don’t hit a weight loss plateau.

3. Jump Rope Workout

Is rope skipping good for weight loss? Yes! Adding the jump rope workout to your daily routine can help you lose weight in the long run. Unfortunately, most people find this exercise boring, but if you skip a rope for 10 minutes or more, you’ll feel its effectiveness. Consider incorporating this exercise as part of your warm up.

4. Planks

To lose weight fast, you need not focus on one part of the body. Usually, people who want to lose weight target the belly area. You could be among the hundreds who’ve thought to themselves that they only need to get rid of belly fat and nothing else. Sure, it’s a worthy cause, but you must major in full-body workouts to lose weight sustainably. Planks are a great workout routine that engages your core, arms, shoulder, back, hips, and chest.

One secret to getting the most from your plank exercises is to hold in the plank position for longer. The more you stay in the plank position, the more you feel the burning sensation around your belly and other parts of the body. So, for effective results, treat this exercise seriously. You should also consider altering the plank positions since there are many ways of doing the plank workout.

5. Push-Ups

To this point, you’ve realized that the exercises listed herein are simple routines you may have tried before. Another recommended exercise to help you lose weight fast is push-ups. Push-ups will rely on your body weight to burn calories and lose weight in the process. Like planks, you must switch things by altering how you do these exercises.

6. Swimming

Lastly, it’s time to dive into the pool. The trick to lose weight fast is to build consistency. Exercise consistently, and the results will come. You don’t have to do anything strange, but you simply need to push your body. Challenge yourself more often because your muscles need to grow. Swimming is another recommended exercise that engages your legs, arms, and core.

What challenges are you experiencing as you try to lose weight fast? We’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts below.

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