How Do You Stop Procrastinating Weight Loss?

“I want to lose weight.” I’ll start jogging on Monday and change my diet once things settle down.” We all know that talk. It’s the same conversation we have with ourselves and our close friends. We often talk about losing weight like it’s something that will happen in the near future. Rarely do we sit down to start the process. We never quit procrastinating weight loss. Individuals who’ve managed to lose weight will agree that losing weight is more about mindset. Without the right mindset, you’ll continue struggling with weight. You’ll continue drafting the same weight goals month after month, expecting to lose weight miraculously. I’m sorry to say this but losing weight is a challenge that calls for commitment. So, let’s get down to the specifics and find out how do you stop procrastinating weight loss?

Why You Procrastinate Losing Weight

Procrastination is a habit that affects all of us. We find ourselves pushing to do things at a later time instead of doing it now. Here are common reasons why you may not want to focus on losing weight immediately.

All or nothing mindset

Maybe you don’t want to focus on what you should be doing to lose weight because you’re acting like a switch. It’s either you’re ON or OFF. You might be looking for a perfect solution to lose weight. For instance, instead of starting out slow by walking or jogging for a few minutes, you want to find the perfect time to exercise for one hour or more.

With this mentality, it will be difficult for you to lose weight. Why? Because there’s never a perfect time to start working out or eating healthy foods. To stop procrastinating weight loss, change starts NOW.

Fear of failure

You may be procrastinating on your weight loss goal because you fear there’s a lot you need to do to lose weight. Maybe you’re assuming you must engage in extreme workouts to lose weight. Worse, your friends may have inflicted the fear of failure in you, telling you all kinds of lies about losing weight.

At the end of the day, it’s easy to take the convenient road, which is to give up on your weight loss goal.

You expect rapid results

You’ve probably thought to yourself that you’ll start running tomorrow so you can lose 20 pounds by the end of week 1. This doesn’t sound realistic. Expecting rapid results only sets you up for a major disappointment.

Our high expectations often hamper our success, even in other facets of our lives. We set goals and expect to succeed the following morning. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way.

How Do You Stop Procrastinating Weight Loss – Answered

Admit there’s never the right time

To stop procrastinating weight loss, you must realize that there’s never the right time to lose weight. If you have to change your habits, the change has to happen NOW, TODAY. In fact, look around you and throw away anything that isn’t in line with your weight loss goal.

If you were planning to snack on junk right after reading this post, you might have to settle for healthier food options. Grab some nuts, Greek yogurt or berries.

In terms of physical exercise, don’t wait until tomorrow to start working out. Start where you are with what you have. Do some push-ups and sit-ups before you hit the showers. Anything you do will make a huge difference in getting you in the right mindset to lose weight.

Yesterday, you said tomorrow

Well, yesterday you said you’ll start today. What’s your excuse today? You’ll start on Monday? To stop procrastinating weight loss, you must raise your awareness that there’s never the right time to start. Start NOW.

Celebrate the small wins

Sometimes we procrastinate because we expect big changes to manifest. We expect to lose weight overnight. If your goal is to build muscle, we look into the mirror and expect to get toned bodies the following morning. Our huge expectations put us in a position where we are likely to be disappointed.

Quit sitting around and waiting for the big wins so you can celebrate your weight loss journey. Celebrate the small wins. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should binge on cakes and other unhealthy snacks.

Sign up for a program

Another effective strategy to help you stop procrastinating weight loss is to sign up for a program. By doing this, you’ll find other folks who are on the same page as you. You’ll work with trainers who will help you maintain focus on your weight loss goal. More importantly, you’ll find accountability partners to ensure you never lose track of why you started your weight loss journey.

How Do You Stop Procrastinating Weight Loss? – Summary

So, is procrastination an unhealthy habit? Yes. It’s unhealthy because it affects your life in many ways. You’ll be disappointed when you set health goals and fail to achieve them. You’ll start thinking that losing weight isn’t meant for you or that you’re genetically meant to be fat. Such perceptions can affect your overall quality of life. Now that you know how to stop procrastinating weight loss, go ahead and spread the message by sharing this post with your friends on social media. Good luck!

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